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Mistakes When Buying Remote Car Starters

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One of the best additions you can have on your vehicle is a remote car starter. When purchasing one, though, the buyer can easily make common mistakes. This article will talk about the five common mistakes when buying remote car starters.

Not Enough Range

The packaging on the remote car starter will state the range of the product. It is imperative to remember that windows, walls, and buildings may cause interference in some units. For most people, range is not that important. Not a lot of people start their vehicles from more than 1,000 feet away, but they want to start it from inside a building. This is where the transmitter power comes into place.

Remote car starters will be used in places other than the office or at home. They are oftentimes used at parking garages, the mall, hospitals, sporting events, etc. Don‘t shortchange yourself with the transmitter range – if you are unsure, get a more expensive and powerful unit.

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