Phoenix Radar Detectors

Are you interested in a reliable radar detector (AKA a fuzz buster) from one of the top brands such as Viper, Python, or others? Streetfighter Motorsports carries a large assortment of options when it comes to choosing a custom installed radar detector along with a reliable and high end installation of car radar detectors that allows for detailed customization. Protect yourself against speeding tickets when one of our professional radar detector installation experts installing your Phoenix radar detector.

Radar detection technology has seen tremendous improvements over the past decade to provide a variety of functions. Certain detection units offer GPS and allow for the convenience of auto muting when speed your is determined to be below the posted limit by the system. Detectors have now improved to avoid being set off in parking lots when your cruising near stores that would normally set off most detectors. Doppler radar detection devices will pick up signals across a variety of wavelength bands such as X, K, and ka.

Custom Installed Radar Detectors

A customized installation process allows for your choice of radar detector to be installed to keep you comfortable and focused on the road. Customized installation allows for an adjustable height to optimize for either laser detection or radar detection.

The typical rule of thumb for radar detection is the higher the mount, the better your radar detection performance comes out to be. When the mount is lower on the windshield it will be better for laser detection due to it’s closer proximity to your headlights. However, it’s likely by the time your radar goes off that and officer will already have your speed captured.

Our experts in customized automobile radar detectors will ensure your alignment  is mounted level with the ground and maintains a straight aim. If your mount aims left or right your radar will be at risk of inaccuracies.

High Mount Vs Low Mount

Customized installation allows for the option of being able to mount on your windshield or somewhere on the grill of your vehicle, which provides a slight more hidden and clean installation.  A high mount is the ideal mounting location for proving the best radar detection performance while keeping the device easily within reach.

A lower grill mount provides an easy and convenient mounting location with the options of running a power cable down your dash to your car’s cigarette lighter without blocking visibility. However this limits your range of radar detection plus running a power cable down your dashboard leaves a bit of a cluttered look.

Concealed Radar Detectors

Unlike the more common method of mounting your radar to your windshield, you also have the option of mounting a radar under the hood of your vehicle with a wire that connects to a control panel within your view. This is mainly to allow the control panel to be installed anywhere and not forcing it to sit behind your windshield, which openly advertises to the public you have a nice detector in your car. Concealed radar detectors are the cleanest installation option with no visible wires.

Protect Yourself from Speeding Tickets Now

A radar detector will save you from the hassle and stress of getting pulled over for speeding and paying a heavy fine. If you’re looking for the most reliable radar detector brand along with professional and custom installation, contact Streetfighter Motorsports to schedule a custom installation of a new high quality radar detector in your car now!

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