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Common Car Audio Myths You Should Ignore

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If every car owner had an unlimited budget for car stereo installation, all cars would have top-of-the-line systems that would probably make you want to live in them. That, however, isn’t the case. In fact, some even go the DIY route just to save a few dollars on their car audio install.

If you have the technical expertise, then installing your own car stereo system shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t know much about stereo installation, maybe you should rethink the whole thing. After all, there are a number of car audio myths you’ve probably heard about that just might find their way into your DIY car audio installation efforts. These myths could ruin not only your listening experience but in some cases, the stereo system itself.

Here are some of those car audio myths that you should totally ignore.

Subwoofers are unnecessary

Let’s assume that you only listen to classical music while driving, and you confidently declare that you don’t need subs. The thing is, subwoofers will always enhance recorded music with the depth and added richness it provides to any genre. Try playing your favorite Mozart masterpiece in a friend’s car stereo system with subwoofers installed by a reliable car audioinstall company, and hear the difference for yourself.

Subwoofers have to be “broken in” for weeks before they sound good

When you have new subwoofers installed, you may cringe from the not-so-pleasant sound coming out of them the moment you turn the system on, and that’s perfectly normal. That’s because you actually have to mechanically “break in” your subs.

The prevailing myth about subs, however, is that you have to wait for weeks before they actually sound good. It only takes subwoofers minutes to break in and produce those deep tones that enhance any music genre. If your subs have been in use for days and still sound terrible, then there’s probably something wrong with the design and tuning, and the sound isn’t going to get better over time.

4-way speakers  are better than 2-way speakers

Typically, 4-way speakers sound better than 2-way speakers, but you can always make enhancements that would make the opposite true. With a high-quality woofer, tweeter, and a mid-range driver, you can totally change the way your 2-way speakers sound to the point that they would trump the quality of a 4-way speaker.

More speakers, better sound quality

There is no doubt that adding more speakers will boost the volume of your system, but it’s unlikely to improve sound quality. What will likely happen is that you will have speaker interaction issues, as the waves that each individual speaker produces meet, which would lead to peaks and dips in the response. If it’s exceptional sound quality you’re after, always remember that less is more.

You should ground your amps at the battery

Grounding your amps at the battery is a very bad idea, and car stereo install specialists will agree. The battery, after all, is a virtual noise hub where all electrical noise from different parts of the car come to congregate. Ideally, your amplifier should be grounded to a bare metal area of the car body, preferably eighteen inches from the amp itself.

Your car cannot accommodate a subwoofer

Your car—or any car, for that matter, even the compact ones—will always have room for subwoofers. Visit car stereo stores in your neighborhood, and you will see that there are products that will allow you to install subs that will work with your car make, model, and its power capabilities.

These are just some of the car audio myths that have been preventing car owners from getting an enhanced music experience inside their vehicle.

At Streetfighter Motorsports will be more than glad to help dispel those myths. Apart from car alarm installation and car diagnostic services, we also install car audio systems. We have already helped many car owners enhance their vehicle’s audio system, regardless of whether they had cheap car stereos or high-end ones installed. We assure you that we’ll do the same for you.

The Importance of a Car Diagnostics Test

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Have you been ignoring that blinking light on your dashboard? If so, you’re making a big mistake. Car manufacturers didn’t install that light just for the heck of it. They’re there to tell you there’s something seriously wrong with your vehicle, and that it’s time you bring it in for car diagnostics testing.

What is a car diagnostics test?

The majority of cars, especially newer models, have an OBD or On-Board Diagnostics computer system. Technicians can access this system using a variety of diagnostic tools and software that will help them pinpoint problems in a vehicle as accurately and quickly as possible, all without having to perform a time-consuming and costly full inspection.

Why get car diagnostic services?

Think of it like going to the physician for a regular checkup. While some car owners take their vehicles to the shop only when they see a blinking dashboard light or begin noticing drivability issues and reduced fuel economy, there are those who go for a car diagnostic test simply as a preventive measure.

With car diagnostic testing, technicians will be able to catch and repair any problem before your vehicle suffers extensive damage. Better yet, you also won’t have to pay so much more to fix that kind of damage. Most importantly, a car computer diagnostic test will help spare you from the agony and danger of suffering an engine failure or breakdown while on a remote road.

Check engine and other indicator lights

Typically, the dashboard light that commonly gets activated to alert you about a vehicular issue is the check engine light, also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

When this light comes on and is steady, there is a problem in your car somewhere, but it isn’t an emergency. Still, you need to set up an appointment for a Check Engine Light Diagnosis In Phoenix, AZ the soonest possible time.

A blinking check engine light, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Usually, that flashing light means your engine is misfiring badly. A misfiring engine could eventually damage your catalytic converter, as it heats up due to the dumping of unburned fuel into the exhaust system. So if you’re driving and that blinking check engine light comes on, head to your preferred car repair shop and get a Check Engine Light Diagnostics done straight away. The sooner you have your vehicle checked, the earlier it would be for it to get back to being road-worthy.

You should also take your vehicle for a car computer diagnostic upon activation of the airbag fault, brake system, reduced power warning and ABS lights.

How often should you get engine diagnostic services?

Ideally, your vehicle should undergo a car diagnostics test once a year, even when none of the indicator lights in your dashboard comes on. This way, any potential problem can be nipped in the bud. It’s your best option to make sure your car is running in tip-top shape at all times.

Car diagnostics testing is cheaper in the long run

A routine check engine light diagnosis could set you back about $88 to $111, taxes and other fees not included.

Many would probably think that that price tag is too high for a “simple” car diagnosis. What we should realize, however, is that the kind of damage that arises out of not knowing what’s wrong with our vehicle would cost us even more. Repairing a damaged catalytic converter, for example, could cost you thousands of dollars. Even with vehicles, that cliché about an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure also applies.

Know more about car diagnostics testing through this infographic:

Car Diagnostic testing graphic

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Best Car Accessories To Buy This Year

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There are a wide variety of car accessories you can choose from but which ones do fit your style and budget? When it comes to car accessories, they don’t have to be super technical to be cool as long as they’re well engineered, solve a problem that you are facing and they last you for a while. Check out our list of car accessories we’ve put together for you.


best car accessories to buy

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What Are Some Common Car Stereo Problems?

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It can be pretty frustrating when you have an issue with your car stereo sound, but can‘t quite figure out what‘s going wrong. At Streetfighter Motorsports, we handle a large number of audio jobs, from new installation to repair and full custom systems.

We‘ve come up with a few of the common car stereo problems that might be able to assist you when your car audio system is on the fritz.

Unwanted Noise in System

Are your speakers picking up unwanted noise? The problem could be the result of your ignition or alternator noise being picked up through a power connection. Installing a noise filter between the power tap and the input for your car audio system should take care of the issue. If you think you may need to have a noise filter installed, get in touch with Streetfighter Motorsports.

Sound Becomes Fuzzy or Distorted at Higher Volumes

If you find that your sound system starts to sound fuzzy or distorted at higher volumes, the wattage coming from your head unit might not be high enough to drive the speakers. Typically, the best solution for this car stereo problem is to install an amplifier that will boost the power of the head unit and provide the right amount of power to your speakers.

Stereo is Running Hot or Blowing Fuses

This is almost always the result of faulty wiring. This is a common problem when speakers are not correctly wired, or wires from different speakers have been combined instead of running separately. Each speaker should have two wires running to it. Combining these wires will almost certainly lead to problems.

Aftermarket Head Unit Has no Power

If you‘ve recently had a new head unit installed and find that the power cuts out, or that it stops powering on altogether, it‘s likely you had a bad install. Someone may have wired the new unit incorrectly. Another cause is that your amplifier may have gone into protection mode because either your alternator is producing too much power, or your battery is running out of juice and is unable to provide a constant voltage.

If you think you‘ve been the victim of a shoddy installation, swing by Streetfighter Motorsports. Our expert technicians will make sure to rewire the problem areas and do a full diagnostic to ensure your sound system is running exactly as it should when you leave our shop.

Still Can‘t Figure out What‘s Going On?

If you‘re still stumped after reading this, head down to Streetfighter Motorsports or call 602-493-2190 to set up an appointment. Our experienced technicians will make sure any car stereo problem you might have is taken care of.

Why Choose Metra Car Audio?

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When people come into Streetfighter Motorsports for car audio work, they frequently have a particular brand in mind. Sometimes, it‘s a matter of customer loyalty, or they‘d heard or read good things about the brand they are looking for.

One brand our customers look for is Metra Car Audio. Metra specializes in making high quality installation equipment that makes the most of the stereo system you choose. A proper installation is absolutely crucial when it comes to automobile sound systems.

Consider this: you can spend as much money as you want on the best audio equipment on the market, but if the installation isn‘t done correctly, you‘ll end up getting less than the optimal performance from your investment.

At Streetfighter Motorsports, our technicians have the knowledge and experience it takes to perform a quality installation, whether you are using Metra car audio equipment or any other brand.

Why Choose Metra Car Audio?

Whether you are having a new head unit put in, or just want to better integrate mobile devices, one of our Metra car audio installation kits can ensure the job is done to the highest standards of excellence. It‘s all about making sure all of your Metra car audio components are integrated seamlessly and look completely professional and awesome.

Metra car audio also provides a huge selection of high quality harnesses to make sure your new audio system will be able to integrate with your vehicle and sound amazing. Every component matters when you are looking for the best quality and workmanship.

That‘s why we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about your audio installation, come in or call any time to speak with one of our experienced professionals.

Visit Streetfighter Today!

Do you want to upgrade or replace your sound system, but aren‘t sure where to begin? Drop by Streetfighter Motorsports today to speak to one of our professional installation experts. You can also give us a call to set up a consultation.

We can help you find the perfect solution and provide you with the confidence in knowing your install is fully guaranteed. Call 602-493-2190 today to learn more. You won‘t regret choosing Streetfighter Motorsports.

Pioneer Car Audio Products

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Lots of customers all over the world choose Pioneer car audio products because of the company‘s history of well made, reliable equipment.

Today, there are more Pioneer car audio products to choose from than ever before. Where you are looking for speakers, a head unit, amplifiers or anything else, Streetfighter Motorsports has what you need.

Pioneer‘s product line supports the Android operating system as well as iPhone and iPod. That means your full music and much more is available when you choose a Pioneer unit.  Of course Pioneer makes the Pandora Radio app available on its touch screen models.

For those who want more app functionality out of their Pioneer car audio products, there‘s always the AppRadio line of receivers, which can be loaded a huge variety of Android apps.  The company also offers AppRadio for iPhone users

Pioneer car audio products also include a great range of speakers. When it comes to picking out the best speakers for your money, Pioneer is a great choice. They offer prime versatility at an affordable price. In fact, the company offers a range of speakers to suit any budget.

One of the most popular ranges is the Pioneer A-Series. Of all the Pioneer car audio products available, these speakers are a great investment. A quick search of some of the top review websites will show that these speakers regularly receive top marks.

The door speakers highlight stunning clarity for any style of music. You‘ll be able to blast anything from raging metal to hard-bumping hip hop tunes and everything in between. Imagine playing those free jazz or classical songs and hearing every note with pristine perfection.

That‘s the kind of performance you can expect from Pioneer car audio products. If you want to hear the performance for yourself, stop by Streetfighter Motorsports. We have an amazing selection of audio products. Whether you need a quick install or a full customized job, you can trust us to provide the best service and workmanship around.

Give us a call today at 602-493-2190 to learn more about what we do for our customers. Don‘t see something you want in stock? No Problem! We‘ll order any component you need to find your perfect sound!

Problems That Trigger Car Stereo Damage

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The main part of your car‘s music system is the stereo. Whether you are in the house or in the car, entertainment without a stereo just won‘t be the same, especially if you are a music lover. Competition has increased over the years in the stereo industry and there is a demand for the best quality stereo system for automobiles.

Due to lack of maintenance, though, your car stereo can start showing some problems. Car stereo problems can be avoided or fixed if good measures will be taken. If it isn‘t working properly, you‘ll need to take it for car stereo repair in Phoenix.

Since a car stereo is a technical device, the car owner can do some research and read on the basics about it. If you, as the owner, are confident in doing first hand repair on the car stereo, that would be the best and most cost-effective way to fix it. If not, leave it to the experts as soon as you notice something is wrong.
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4 Tips Before Buying a Car Alarm System

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The number of car theft cases has gone up and car alarms have become a basic need for every automobile. With their loud car alarm sound, they can guarantee security to a great extent. As technology evolves, there are various car alarms in the market ranging from simple ones to complex versions with a lot of useful features.

Our vehicles take us to important places in our daily lives, like school, the office, doctors‘ clinics, and they are very useful on family vacations. A lot of money has been spent to purchase a car so it‘s only fitting for us to be able to protect this integral part of our lives by getting a car alarm system installed.

Many people make simple mistakes when buying a car alarm system and it is mostly because of a lack of knowledge on the subject. Some car owners think as long as there is a loud car alarm sound the system is doing its job and they purchase whatever is available. There are also times when a car owner is pressured into buying a pricey car alarm system with features they don‘t need because the sales person is aggressive and looking to make a commission.
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Installing A Car Alarm – Go to the Experts

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In 2012, there were more than 700,000 vehicle thefts. Property losses due to the theft amounted to $4.3 billion. These numbers are alarming, and as a car owner, you wouldn‘t want your car to be one of those mentioned in the statistics. The most effective way to protect your car is to get a car alarm system.

If you are a technical person and used to fixing devices with lots of wires, you may want to try installing your own car alarm. Most people tend to get frustrated with the alarm‘s sensors and wires – lots of wires. To be able to properly install a car alarm, you need to have the patience and skill.

It is the professionals who usually install the car alarm. In fact, it is advised to have the car alarm installed by automotive experts so you can go back to them in case you run into a problem. However, if you are positive about your technical knowledge on electronics and alarm systems, then you might be able to successfully install the alarm on your own. There are lots of instructions on how to install a car alarm system.
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Car Alarm Prices Depend on the Type

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For the past decade, the car alarm market has dramatically developed especially with the increased numbers of car intrusion and theft. It is rare to find a car without an alarm system nowadays. Car alarms are needed to protect your car from getting broken into. Recent studies have shown that having an alarm in your car can thwart theft and protecting your belongings as well as your precious vehicle itself.

Many burglars like targeting automobiles because of the increased value and price. They have two options – they can either sell the entire car or take it down piece by piece and sell the parts. The automobile industry has also grown so fast, to the point where they are very advanced to accommodate a driver‘s needs.
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