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Common Car Audio Myths You Should Ignore

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If every car owner had an unlimited budget for car stereo installation, all cars would have top-of-the-line systems that would probably make you want to live in them. That, however, isn’t the case. In fact, some even go the DIY route just to save a few dollars on their car audio install.

If you have the technical expertise, then installing your own car stereo system shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t know much about stereo installation, maybe you should rethink the whole thing. After all, there are a number of car audio myths you’ve probably heard about that just might find their way into your DIY car audio installation efforts. These myths could ruin not only your listening experience but in some cases, the stereo system itself.

Here are some of those car audio myths that you should totally ignore.

Subwoofers are unnecessary

Let’s assume that you only listen to classical music while driving, and you confidently declare that you don’t need subs. The thing is, subwoofers will always enhance recorded music with the depth and added richness it provides to any genre. Try playing your favorite Mozart masterpiece in a friend’s car stereo system with subwoofers installed by a reliable car audioinstall company, and hear the difference for yourself.

Subwoofers have to be “broken in” for weeks before they sound good

When you have new subwoofers installed, you may cringe from the not-so-pleasant sound coming out of them the moment you turn the system on, and that’s perfectly normal. That’s because you actually have to mechanically “break in” your subs.

The prevailing myth about subs, however, is that you have to wait for weeks before they actually sound good. It only takes subwoofers minutes to break in and produce those deep tones that enhance any music genre. If your subs have been in use for days and still sound terrible, then there’s probably something wrong with the design and tuning, and the sound isn’t going to get better over time.

4-way speakers  are better than 2-way speakers

Typically, 4-way speakers sound better than 2-way speakers, but you can always make enhancements that would make the opposite true. With a high-quality woofer, tweeter, and a mid-range driver, you can totally change the way your 2-way speakers sound to the point that they would trump the quality of a 4-way speaker.

More speakers, better sound quality

There is no doubt that adding more speakers will boost the volume of your system, but it’s unlikely to improve sound quality. What will likely happen is that you will have speaker interaction issues, as the waves that each individual speaker produces meet, which would lead to peaks and dips in the response. If it’s exceptional sound quality you’re after, always remember that less is more.

You should ground your amps at the battery

Grounding your amps at the battery is a very bad idea, and car stereo install specialists will agree. The battery, after all, is a virtual noise hub where all electrical noise from different parts of the car come to congregate. Ideally, your amplifier should be grounded to a bare metal area of the car body, preferably eighteen inches from the amp itself.

Your car cannot accommodate a subwoofer

Your car—or any car, for that matter, even the compact ones—will always have room for subwoofers. Visit car stereo stores in your neighborhood, and you will see that there are products that will allow you to install subs that will work with your car make, model, and its power capabilities.

These are just some of the car audio myths that have been preventing car owners from getting an enhanced music experience inside their vehicle.

At Streetfighter Motorsports will be more than glad to help dispel those myths. Apart from car alarm installation and car diagnostic services, we also install car audio systems. We have already helped many car owners enhance their vehicle’s audio system, regardless of whether they had cheap car stereos or high-end ones installed. We assure you that we’ll do the same for you.