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The Anatomy of a Car Alarm

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A vehicle alarm is a relatively simple device. At the most basic level, car alarms are made up of three key components, which include the control unit, siren, and several sensors. But in order to function more efficiently, some car alarms come with other devices and components like motion detectors, radio receivers, pressure sensors, and auxiliary batteries. These enable car alarms to work even if the car battery is cut off.

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The Brain

The brain, or the control unit, is the main part of a vehicle alarm system that is connected to the sensors installed in different parts of the car. It is designed and utilized to monitor the sensors and then it activates the siren when the sensors are tripped.

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Preparing for a Vehicle Security System Installation

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car alarm installationMany modern cars already come equipped with basic car alarm systems. However, vehicle owners may want to upgrade to a more comprehensive car security system, especially if they live in an area where crime is pretty high. Likewise, those who own older car models may want a car alarm installation for the same reason.

In general, car alarm installation cost vary depending on the type of security system you want installed, the complexity of the car alarm installation, and the labor rates. Car alarm installation cost ranges between $30 and $1,300, and may even be more expensive if you are having an advanced security system installed. If you want to save money, a diy installation will shave off labor charges. However, installing car alarms can be quite difficult.

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Protect Your Ride with a Car Alarm System

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Over the years, car alarm systems have come a long way. Technologies such as two-way pagers and remote starters were added to aftermarket car alarm products, while automobile manufacturers have stepped up to offer security features and alarm systems to vehicles to deter theft.

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Many car alarm systems today consist of:

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