What Are Some Common Car Stereo Problems?

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It can be pretty frustrating when you have an issue with your car stereo sound, but can‘t quite figure out what‘s going wrong. At Streetfighter Motorsports, we handle a large number of audio jobs, from new installation to repair and full custom systems.

We‘ve come up with a few of the common car stereo problems that might be able to assist you when your car audio system is on the fritz.

Unwanted Noise in System

Are your speakers picking up unwanted noise? The problem could be the result of your ignition or alternator noise being picked up through a power connection. Installing a noise filter between the power tap and the input for your car audio system should take care of the issue. If you think you may need to have a noise filter installed, get in touch with Streetfighter Motorsports.

Sound Becomes Fuzzy or Distorted at Higher Volumes

If you find that your sound system starts to sound fuzzy or distorted at higher volumes, the wattage coming from your head unit might not be high enough to drive the speakers. Typically, the best solution for this car stereo problem is to install an amplifier that will boost the power of the head unit and provide the right amount of power to your speakers.

Stereo is Running Hot or Blowing Fuses

This is almost always the result of faulty wiring. This is a common problem when speakers are not correctly wired, or wires from different speakers have been combined instead of running separately. Each speaker should have two wires running to it. Combining these wires will almost certainly lead to problems.

Aftermarket Head Unit Has no Power

If you‘ve recently had a new head unit installed and find that the power cuts out, or that it stops powering on altogether, it‘s likely you had a bad install. Someone may have wired the new unit incorrectly. Another cause is that your amplifier may have gone into protection mode because either your alternator is producing too much power, or your battery is running out of juice and is unable to provide a constant voltage.

If you think you‘ve been the victim of a shoddy installation, swing by Streetfighter Motorsports. Our expert technicians will make sure to rewire the problem areas and do a full diagnostic to ensure your sound system is running exactly as it should when you leave our shop.

Still Can‘t Figure out What‘s Going On?

If you‘re still stumped after reading this, head down to Streetfighter Motorsports or call 602-493-2190 to set up an appointment. Our experienced technicians will make sure any car stereo problem you might have is taken care of.

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