Car Alarm Remote Replacement

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By getting a remote car alarm to protect your car, you have taken an important step and made a good choice. Car alarm remote replacement or installation may seem like a difficult task, but it‘s actually easier than most people think. However, if you don‘t have the needed tools for replacing a car alarm remote or perhaps you are not knowledgeable with tasks like testing the polarity of the wires with the use of a digital meter, then it would be best to hire a professional.

First, you need to have all the information on your car‘s specific wiring. It is essential for you to identify all of the points that need to be connected to make sure that the car alarm will properly work. The remote car alarm should come with an installation guide. Make sure that you have all the equipment you need.

Put your vehicle‘s diagram side-by-side to the car alarm remote replacement or installation manual.
Identify the features you want to use on the remote car alarm then exclude all the wires you will not use to prevent confusion. The usual method is to twist the wires, put them together then fasten them to each other using electrical tape. Make sure you wrap the wires together. If not, they will all go to different locations. The harnesses must include all the wires you need to install the remote car alarm.

The next step to car alarm remote replacement or installation is to determine the location on where the wires will connect to your automobile. The most common place is the driver‘s kick panel, ignition harness, and body control modules. Take the wires that have been bundled together, followed by the driver kick panel wires, then the body control module wires. Before the wires are connected to the vehicle, make sure you check the diagrams and inspect every component that work with your remote car alarm. Make sure they are all working properly. Start with checking each of the door triggers. When any of the doors are open, the dome light or door ajar indicator will light up. If this fails to happen, this means that you have a faulty door trigger and it can cause your remote car alarm to ignore the opened door.

Remove the necessary panels in the door so you would be able to attach the wire which is needed to activate the sensors of the remote car alarm. While removing the door panels, ensure that you take note of all the clips and screws are located so it would be a breeze to replace them.

After removing the car door panels, select a spot to mount the wiring. Choose a location that is difficult for you to see – if you have a hard time finding it, so will a thief. Install all necessary wiring for the remote car alarm features you have chosen, replace the door panels, and repeat the procedure for the other areas of your car where you want to connect the alarm. Test the alarm to confirm that it is operating and if it is, the car alarm remote replacement was a success.

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