Car Stereo Installation

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To learn how to install your CD player or stereo in your car, you don‘t have to go to a car stereo installation school. However, you need to train yourself how to do the job. To obtain a guide on how to install your car stereo, the best place to start will be the store where the stereo was purchased from.

Car Stereo InstallationSome stores offer to install the stereo for a minimal fee while others do it for free after the purchase is made. If you are a technical person, reading through the manual can be a big help. But for the average Joe, the jargons can be difficult to understand and what is needed is a simple guide that will provide you – the user – with step by step guidelines as you prepare to install the new car stereo.

After getting your car audio installer guideline, take time to read it before removing your old car stereo. The tools you need for installation are electrical tape, wire cutters, a set of screwdrivers, and wire strippers. The guide will mention if there are any other tools you will need aside from the ones mentioned. Read the steps one at a time and accurately follow each of them. Taking your time is the best way in car stereo installation; hurrying through the process will only lead to errors and eventual disappointment.

In the start of the car stereo installation procedure, make sure the new stereo fits the slot. After removing the old system, make certain you disconnect the ground cable from the battery. Working on it while connected is very dangerous. If you do not have the wiring harness to install your stereo, the next step would be to connect the wires manually. While referring to the car audio installers manual, connect all the wires and slide the car stereo into the mounting bracket when finished.

The head unit is trouble-free to install. All head units require the same size standards and the replacement stereo will fit in most vehicles. There are some stereos that need a special kit for it to fit in the hole. To make sure that the new stereo will fit, it is best to take measurements of the car‘s original stereo.

Be careful not to damage anything during car stereo installation. Check if the speakers are also connected properly otherwise the sound will be awful. Also, when installing the speakers, use the standard factory speaker holes. You can also create a fiberglass or wood baffle to improve its sound. After installing your new car stereo, you may hear rattling noises. What you need is products that help reduce noise such as more carpeting on the inner parts of the car, liners, adhesive strips, and sprays.

Following instructions word per word goes a long way in helping people who don‘t have the slightest idea what they are doing. If in case something in your car stereo installation went wrong, no need to stress yourself out. Go through every single detail carefully and for sure you will arrive on what caused the problem and eventually resolve it.

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