Protect Your Ride with a Car Alarm System

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Over the years, car alarm systems have come a long way. Technologies such as two-way pagers and remote starters were added to aftermarket car alarm products, while automobile manufacturers have stepped up to offer security features and alarm systems to vehicles to deter theft.

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Many car alarm systems today consist of:

  • A variety of sensors, including motion detectors, pressure sensors, and switches
  • A siren that comes with an array of sound choices so you can personalize your system and pick a distinct alarm sound for your ride
  • A radio receiver, for you to be able to control the car alarm system from a key fob
  • An auxiliary battery that can power the system even if the main car battery gets disconnected
  • A computer control unit, which serves as the brain of your alarm system.

The main purpose of car alarms is to avoid vehicle theft by rendering the car immobile or scaring off people trying to steal your car. While experienced thieves may possibly bypass even the most complicated security device, an alarm system can offer protection from less knowledgeable criminals.

Advantages of Car Alarm Systems

There are loads of benefits to having a car alarm system installed. While most modern vehicles already come with immobilizer systems and are equipped with GPS devices, installing an alarm system—or adding to its security features—has a number of advantages that comes with it.

Alarm systems reduce the risk of theft. Though some thieves do not get intimidated with car alarms, most criminals will likely just stay away, and move on to another vehicle as stealing a car with an alarm system would take more time and attention to detail. Conversely, the risk of your vehicle being damaged because of vandalism is likely to reduce, as well.

You can turn the engines with a remote starter. If the inside of the vehicle is too hot, you can conveniently start your car‘s engine using a remote starter—while its doors are locked, and even if you‘re inside your home.

Insurance rates drop. When you have an alarm system installed in your car, chances are that your auto insurance premium will likely drop. Talk to your insurance provider to find out if a discount is available.

You will know if your ride is in trouble via a mobile phone. While audible car alarms are a popular system choice among car enthusiasts, silent car alarm systems are also a good option. A silent car alarm works by notifying the vehicle owner through a mobile device that a potential car break-in is happening. This way, you can contact the police the soonest you get the notification. Regardless of which alarm type you take, once it goes off, the thief will not be able to start the vehicle even if they have the right key for it.

For maximum protection, a car alarm makes security and economic sense. Nobody wants the potential stress and expense associated with theft. At least by installing an alarm system, you put your best foot towards protecting yourself against unfortunate and uncalled for situations.

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